This rural collection
evokes some of the old customs and farming practices of Extremadura, which have been disappearing over the years.


The exhibit is dedicated to all those farmers who have gone before – in the hope that their tireless labor will not
have gone unnoticed.
del Rincon,
in Guadalupe, Caceres


An ongoing exhibition of work that faithfully reflects the old customs and traditions of Guadalupe can be seen at the Posada del Rincon guesthouse. Commissioned by Mr. Matias Leza, the exhibition displays 36 medium-and-large-size paintings.


This photo gallery shows some art pieces from the Posada del Rincon exhibition.

This commission allowed me to work with mixed techniques onto different surfaces, enabling me to use a chromatic range that could evoke past times.


You are cordially invited to see the resulting distinctive appeal of the entire collection of artwork in Guadalupe – a place for Marian worship par excellence.

Antonio Bernal

Oil on canvas 54 x 65 cm